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17 November 2021

17 November


definitely will read this again just shuffle the chapters around the best part of the book is the descriptive detail! CeeCee left no crumbs! She also kept me up...
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Aquella Moralez

11 November 2021

11 November


I am In LOVE with these lashes.! They are so lite and FULL and they came in no time at all.! They make me feel so da$* FINE.!

The Long Nail Diva

29 May 2021

29 May


I received lashes from City Of Cee-Cee LLC and the QUALITY is ABSOLUTELY top notch. I don’t really enjoy wearing lashes because they irritate my eyes. However t...
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King Walker

02 May 2021

02 May


The book was a good read in which the writer expresses herself in a manner in which you can literally feel what she had endured and understanding at a glimpse o...
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Jamaul Jeffries

29 April 2021

29 April


This is fun pack thriller that had me on the edge of my seat or my old highly recommend

Rashad Moody

27 April 2021

27 April


Great book to read for people all over. Not just LGBTQ community. I can tell you took your time with this. Not only did you tell your story but you told it in a...
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