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Chronicles of a Bad Bytch Named CeeCee: The Transition in me Begins

It's out! It's hot! And it's ready to be read by you! "Chronicles of a Bad Bytch named Cee_Cee: The Transition in me Begins" is here and it gives you an ideal of what the world looks like through the eye of a women coming up into herself and being subjected to religion, hate, discrimination, bullying and rejection to hold her back from transitioning into who she feels she is on the inside. As she has to relive her past as her โ€œformer selfโ€œ to deal with the demons she is haunted by. Her ex fiancรฉe Anthony had ruined her hope for love in a clash of mental, physical and emotional abuse. When sheโ€™s had enough a Mysterious man shows up...will he the one to save her...?

$34.99 per book (Hardcover)

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